What is it?

This training course is designed to equip teachers in the classroom. This includes helping them gain knowledge about multiculturalism in music, such as ethnic music, dances, instruments as well as the importance of multiculturalism in education and the pedagogical skills to integrate culture in music in the classroom.

What can teachers expect from it?

Teachers can expect to gain knowledge regarding multicultural music, pedagogical skills and also go through reflective practice for their day to day classes. They will also learn a chapter on the fundamentals of Orff Schulwerk. They will be able to learn and apply teaching strategies and manage resources for the conduct of multicultural music for children.

How are teachers assessed?

There are two kinds of assessments for teachers – formative assessments and summative assessments.

As part of the formative assessment, the trainer will ask a series of questions during the training sessions as well as conduct learning activities at the end of every chapter to assess the teacher’s understanding. Small group presentations and reflective discussions are also part of the formative assessment.

As for summative assessments, practical assignments are given to assess the understanding and application skills of the teacher. The teacher will also be assessed based on their planning of music activities centered on culture that aids in the development of the children, as well as how well they apply teaching strategies for a lesson. They will also be required to share their outcomes with fellow course mates.

  1. Introduction to ethnic instruments, songs, games and dances: participants will acquire knowledge of ethnic instruments and their historical origins, and build song/dance collection from various cultures.
  2. Multiculturalism in music: identifying goals of multiculturalism in music and understanding cultural music as a means to promote learning and development.
  3. Fundamentals of Orff Pedagogy: Participants will acquire knowledge of Orff Pedagogies and strategies. A practical session exploring cultural music, chants, and dances using Orff Schulwerk.
  4. Strategies for building multiculturalism: participants will analyse appropriateness of song materials and create age-appropriate musical activities.
  5. Reflective practice: reflecting on cultural identity and its influences in the classroom. Creating a culturally inclusive music environment.
  6. Review of implementation: participants share with fellow peers on the implementation of their assignments.
Certification Type:
Statement of Attainment (ECDA) 

Target Audience:
Preschool teachers working with children between 2-6 years old with no formal music training

Mode of Training:
Part Time or Full Time

Language Medium Provided:
English or Mandarin

Duration Components:
Classroom Training Hours: 11.25 Hours
Practical / Practicum Training Hours: 1 Hour

Total Training Duration:
12 Hours

Training days:
1.5 days – Full Time
3 Sessions (4 Hours each) – Part Time

Course Fees:

Funding available:
For Self-sponsored For School-sponsored

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