Our Company

Why the name Music Factory? Simple. Our vision was to be the leading and most respected early childhood music education company in Singapore & Asia to provide quality music education to young children from all walks of life with precision – very much like a production line at a factory.

Music can be abstract, but to apply it into an early childhood setting, it needs to have structure and be systematic. It is only with system and proper methodology can we impart to others what we want to achieve in our music education program.

This is the mission in which our company have stuck to since our incorporation in 2003. We have grown significantly since we started, but we have never left our roots – that is to make music easily accessibly to children from all walks of life and we believe that no child should be left behind. Whether it is in our music curriculum for children or in our training program for teachers, we strive to make things simple and to be presented in a clear manner.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Music Factory’s success are four core values:

Delivering Real Value

Our music education programs delivers real value to schools, teachers and parents. We go beyond just letting children enjoy music and movement to include activities which promotes a child’s holistic development.

Commitment To Quality

Quality is integral in all we do at Music Factory. Our teachers, staff, curriculum development, research processes and implementations meet stringent standards and best practices in order to fully benefit our partners and thus, the children.

Developing Our People

We invest in our team and their professional development. We strongly belief that the company can only be as good as it’s team!


We embrace challenges for they bring out the resourcefulness in us. At Music Factory, we are always adapting new methodologies, new ways of thinking and new research into our programs.